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  • Welcome to Learning Unlimited

    Learning Unlimited offers a comprehensive range of cost effective training packages delivered in line with employer business objectives. We are one of the largest providers of Apprenticeships in the UK, delivering training in more than 30 subject areas.

    As part of the Chesterfield College Group, Learning Unlimited is able to offer its students access to the full range of facilities available to all other College students. This booklet provides a brief guide to the services and facilities available.

    Remember, if you're in need of further assistance see the Student Support section or get in touch with your assessor.

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    • Activate your account

      Are you a new learner? Chances are you haven't activated your student account yet. Activating your account will enable you with a password to access courses on the VLE and other resources!

    • Help! I have an Issue!

      If you have an issue, be it a request for assistance or a complaint towards either Learning Unlimited, your workplace or the awarding body then your first port of call is your assessor. You should have been given contact details for them upon induction. If you are unable to find these details please call the Learning Unlimited reception on 01246 500500 and ask to speak to your assessor, the reception staff should be able to connect you.

      If you have a OneFile account then you can always post a message straight to your assessor from there. More information on OneFile is kept below.

      What if I don't want to talk to my Assessor?

      If for any reason you do not wish to share the issue with your assessor then please see the appeals procedure below which details the appropriate way to go about rasing concerns with other members of the assessment team and beyond.

      Also you may wish to view the Learner Support section of the VLE which includes information on support services including contact information for our Learner Welfare Officer.

      The Appeals Procedure

      Here it is, for your information. You may download, keep or print at your liesure:

    • Student email with Outlook Web App

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      Our student email system is now provided by Microsoft and uses the Office 365 Outlook Web App.

      College related information and messages will be sent out to students using the student email address.

      It is vital that you check your email on a regular basis because we will send you College and course messages and information to your College address.

      With Outlook Web App you can get to your email whenever you are online, even if you are away from your desk or using your mobile phone or tablet.

      To get to Outlook Web App, sign in to Office 365, using the link below or links provided on College computers or systems.

      When you are logged on to a College PC there should be a link on the desktop or Start menu that will automatically log you into your Microsoft account.

      When you access your Microsoft services from home you will need to enter your details to access the service.

      The username for accessing your online Outlook Web App account will be your full College email address. The password can be the one you use for your College network access but it is possible to change this so please keep a note of what you use if you do change them.

      Ensure that you are entering your full email address in the "User ID" field, e.g.


      Carefully enter your College password in the "Password" field 


      In Outlook Web App, you can:

      Send and receive mail

      Create appointments and reminders

      Add Lync meeting information to a meeting invitation

      Set up Outlook or other email programs to access your Office 365 email, calendar, and contacts

      Import email and contacts from your old accounts

      Links to further information and guides:

      Get started

      Getting started in Outlook Web App for Office 365

      What's new in Outlook Web App

      Move email and contacts into a new Office 365 account

      Basic tasks in Outlook Web App

      Mail overview

      People overview

      Calendar overview

      Read email on your phone or tablet

      Set up and use Office 365 on your phone or tablet

      • Further Resources, Facilities and Support

        Please see the Chesterfield College handbook for further information on the facilities available at the various Chesterfield College Group sites.

        Many thanks

        Learning Unlimited

        • OneFile - Your e-Portfolio

          As a Learning Unlimited apprentice you may have an e-Portfolio, this means you will have been given a username and password to your OneFile account.
          It would be a really good idea to bookmark the link for easy access to the system.

          OneFile log-in page

          How does my OneFile account benefit me?

          As an apprentice you will use your OneFile account to manage the qualification you are studying towards. It's your whole portfolio and it's entirely online.
          You can:

          • Easily see the progress of your qualification
          • Know exactly what is expected of you and when
          • Communicate with the assessment team
          • Upload and submit evidence

          Digital Signatures

          Back in ancient times an assessor and an apprentice would fill out endless forms and sign their names upon countless reams of paper as proof that they agreed upon the learning and demonstration of skills during the apprentice's qualification. Nowadays though, this process is made much simpler using digital signatures.

          If you've already signed into your OneFile account you may have noticed you were asked to read the license agreement, within this agreement it states that any time your tick a box that says 'sign' you are effectively placing your signature on that page/document. So, while the process is easy and simple just keep in mind that this action is legally recognised s a sginature. In short, 'Read what you SIGN!'.

          • Additional Learning Support

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            Additional learning support is any activity that provides direct support for learning to individual learners, over and above that which is normally provided on a learning programme

            The need for additional learning support may arise from a learning difficulty and/or disability, or from a literacy, and/or numeracy requirement.

            If you have any support needs, please let us know at application, interview, or as early as possible when you join your course. We will then be able to offer you support during your time at College.
            Services include:

            • Access arrangements dependent upon Exam Board Regulations
            • Assessments for learning, auditory, Dyslexia.
            • Braille documents
            • Communication Support Workers –auditory, visual
            • Deaf Support Team
            • Individual support Plan
            • Learner Support Assistant
            • One to One/small group/workshop support with Curriculum tutor
            • One to one/small group/workshop with an additional learning support tutor
            • Specialist equipment loan
            • Tutor of the deaf time
            • Exam Concessions
            • Help identifying supportive software

            What to do if your studies are disrupted by unforeseen circumstances
            Sometimes students find their studies or examinations seriously interrupted by unexpected life events such as illness, injury, pregnancy, bereavement or other personal circumstances. This doesn’t have to mean failing or leaving your course and wasting all your hard work. The College is committed to helping you continue with your studies.

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              How can we help you?

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              This will depend to some extent on your individual circumstances and your particular course of study, but the College will endeavour to offer you the following support:

              1. Time off from your studies for hospital/doctor’s appointments, ante-natal classes, dealing with serious personal matters etc.
              2. Extension of coursework deadlines in appropriate circumstances.
              3. Re-arrangement of coursework completion dates for those situations where you are unable to complete your course as originally planned.
              4. Flexibility with your timetable to take into account of your changed circumstances. This may include home study with individual tutor support and/or use of resource based learning facilities, or additional learning support in College.
              5. Help with applying to awarding bodies for special consideration in examinations and/or assessments. If you and/or your tutors feel your performance will be adversely affected by your circumstances, you may wish to apply for this.
              6. Special arrangements for taking examinations. This can be arranged by the College in appropriate circumstances. Special arrangements can include sitting the examination on your own, providing a ‘scribe’ (someone to write your examination answers) or extra time in the examination.
              7. Support and advice is available from your tutors and/or Learner Services staff on any of the above matters. They can discuss your situation with you and help you work out the best way forward.
              • Topic 8

                How can you help us?

                1. If you are having any kind of difficulty, let us know at the earliest opportunity. Even if your problem is personal and you do not wish to discuss the details, you should still let us know: your privacy will be respected.
                2. Keep College staff informed about your situation, especially during periods of absence. This will enable staff to review any special periods of arrangements that have been made for you and make any changes necessary.
                3. If you are requesting special consideration for your examinations or assessments, it may be necessary to provide evidence for Exam Boards/Awarding Bodies. Discuss this with your tutors and/or Learner Services Staff.
                4. In the case of illness, you can request a letter from your GP/Consultant. In the case of personal difficulties, you can request a letter of support from the College Counselling service (if you have been working with them at that time) or outside support agency.
                5. There is a 2 year rule for statements for reader/scribe concessions - if your Statement is older than this, then please contact Learner Services straight away. If you are requesting extra time only your statement needs to be dated during your secondary Education. It is important that you pass a copy of your statement to Learner Services before you enter for your exams.