Topic outline

  • Virtual Learning Environment

    Don't get it? Confused? Or maybe you're just wondering how something lile this will fit into your course?

    graphic of lightbulbThe Virtual Learning Environment is a website which members of Learning Unlimited have access to, that includes learners, assessors, invigilators and possibly employers.

    Along the journey through work-based learning the assessor will usually give the learner a series of action plans, these plans ask the learner to complete a piece of knowledge work in order to then demonstrate their understanding of the subject. Learning Unlimited uses the VLE to store and deliver learning materials to learners.

    • Useful Stuff

      This approach is useful for a number of reasons:

      • Course materials are kept online in a safe environment
      • Learners and staff can access this information from any device with an internet connection
      • The learning material can include text, audio, video and Interactive lessons
      • The courses can be easily updated
      • Forums! Courses can contain forums where learners and staff can collaborate or help eachother out with queries on that subject.
      • Support for phones and tablets

        graphic example of desktop vs mobile versions of vleOur VLE supports mobile devices, it will deliver a specific version of the course or content you're looking for in the right format for your device. This means that we won't automatically send you audio and video if you're browsing from your phone or tablet, the content will be there should you wish to see it, it just won't come through automatically as we know this can eat up your data plan in no time!

        We will try to ensure all images are relevant and small in filesize too!

        So, you can feel safe when browsing courses on the VLE using your mobile device, just remember to look out for links to photos, video and audio so you're not missing out but equally make sure you keep an eye on your mobile data, we don't want you running out of megabytes.

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